Tuesday, October 16, 2012


what can we do
to make God's light shine forth through the darkness around us?
we must let it shine in our own true selves
with that light in the niche of our inmost hearts

we can walk with steps both firm and sure
we can humbly visit the comfortless
and guide their steps.
not we,but the light will guide!

but oh!
the joy of being found worthy to bear the torch,
and to say to our brethren:
"I too was in darkness,comfortless,and behold.
I have found comfort and joy in the grace divine!"

thus should we pay the dues of brotherhood
by walking humbly side by side
in the ways of the Lord
with mutual aid and respect
and heartfelt prayer
backed by action
that God's good purpose
may be accomplished
in us all together!

Abdullah Yusuf Ali.
The Choice;Islam and Christianity by Ahmad Deedat

#but most of mankind still do not know.
me,without any exemption.

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