Thursday, December 16, 2010


apa guna ilmu tanpa amal..apatah lagi amal tanpa ilmu..

Maka sejarah hari 'Assyura yakni 10 Muharram,satu kemestian untuk kita umat Islam tahu.
Bukan sekadar bangun sahur-masak 4 pagi-kejut ahli beyt-puasa-berbuka- tapi tak tahu kenapa.

Sila perhalusi lagi dengan alamat ni: Asyura

malam ini-saya dan teman2 akan penuhi undangan buka puasa..Alhamdulilah murah rezeki kakak SC.

lagipun,kita masih dalam mood Hijrah. Tidak pernah terlambat untuk kita tajdid niat,muhasabah amalan,ubah diri step by step,mungkin hasilnya belum kunjung tiba,tapi percayalah ~yang ada itu memang ada~senang kata,apa kita buat ,betul manhajnya takkan dipersia..what you give you get back..

analisis surah al-Baqarah:ayat terakhir.
tafsir al jalalayn:-

God charges no soul save to its capacity, that is, what it is capable of
bearing:for it is what it has merited, of good and its reward, and
against it is what it has earned, of evil and its burden: no person
shall be requited for another’s sin or for what he has not earned,
even if he was tempted to do it. Say: Our Lord, take us not
to task, by way of chastisement, if we forget, or err, by straying
from the right path unknowingly — as You used to take to task
those before us: God has lifted this [burden] from this community,
as reported in hadīth. The petition here, then, is a way of
acknowledging God’s favour; our Lord, burden us not with a load,
an affair which we cannot bear, such as You did lay upon those
before us, namely, upon the Children of Israel, as for example,
the killing of oneself in repentance, the paying of a quarter of
one’s property for alms, and the severing of the impure part.
Our Lord, do not burden us beyond what we have the power,
the strength, to bear, of obligations and trials; and pardon us,
effacing our sins, and forgive us, and have mercy on us, with mercy
added to Your forgiveness; You are our Patron, our Master and
the Guardian of our affairs; so grant us assistance against the
disbelieving folk, by establishing definitive proof [for us] and
victory over them in battle, for it is expected of a patron that
he assist his clients against their enemies. In a hadīth it is
stated that when this verse was revealed and the Prophet (s)
was reciting it, after each word it was said to him, “Granted”

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